Top Health & Safety Score for Leeds Site

Health and safety on site are one of our top priorities, as our hi-vis vests say ‘Getting everyone home safely’ so it came as no surprise to us when our team recently received feedback from Leeds City Council about our most recent health & safety audit on site.

In our time at Leeds, we have never received any less than 96% on our Health and Safety audits and this is all thanks to Darren Hardy (Site Manager) and Sara Wright (Resident Liaison Officer) who have worked tirelessly to ensure their site is in brilliant condition and adhering to the highest of all H&S standards. Some of the key items highlighted in the audit were the excellent attitude of the team, exceptional welfare facilities, excellent H&S culture on site, exceptional COVID-19 compliance, excellent H&S guidance and information.

Comment from Senior Compliance Officer Rich Walker, ‘An outstanding and faultless site inspection with some brilliant H&S practices on site. I think it’s fair to say that the H&S culture instilled on these Connolly sites through exceptional site management has provided Leeds City Council with a great deal of confidence on how H&S is managed. The work area and welfare were very well managed but I have to applaud the detail which Connolly go into with their paperwork and forward-thinking practices. The H&S information displayed in the site office is very informative and very well thought out, I was particularly impressed with information around mental health. I must also add that COVID-19 compliance, not only during this inspection but throughout the pandemic has been excellent – lots of helpful information and guidance with brilliant housekeeping practice.’

Our client Darren Banks from Leeds CC has also said, ‘It appears that Darren has attained a 100% score for a second time which is outstanding. Not only does he set the benchmark for his outstanding health & safety standards but he has also helped update/change our gas process which is now compulsory across all our roofing schemes. Can you pass on my thanks to him and Sara, they are truly valued by all of my team.’ 

Simon Harrison, Managing Director at Connolly said ‘Absolutely fantastic work by our site team in Leeds. This is testament to all their hard work and commitment over the past 4 years.’

Keep up the fantastic work!