Connolly Ltd is a family business that extends beyond its people, focusing on building new relationships, improving lives and communities and making a positive difference to business.

Our approach to business is to deliver a truly unique service that inspires our people, our customers and our industry, leading the way in the development of business culture, innovation and customer experiences, whilst celebrating the success of our people.

Our business values define the way we do business and ensure we are committed to the following;

Getting everyone home safely

We are focused on developing our existing policies, processes and systems, whilst driving new innovations through our business. We will ensure that each and every person who comes into contact with our service is safe at all times.

Connecting with our customers

We are focused on leading our industry with our customer service offering and working in partnership with clients to develop new innovative ideas.

Motivating and empowering our people

We want to be the best employer who employs the best people in our industry. Providing our people with a great place to work, a good life/work balance, and allowing them to thrive.

Helping to develop communities where people live

We work with our customers to develop the local areas and communities where we work. Our social value model helps us to focus our efforts in line with our core business skills and provide clients with solutions that can maximise the return on investment achieved.

Dare to be different

Clients tell us that our approach to business is unique, refreshing and different and that’s what sets us apart from others within our industry.